воскресенье, 26 апреля 2009 г.

''A piece of cake''
My name is Marelin, my husband's name is Richard. I want to tell a story that had happened with us some time ago. This story had happened one evening when i came from my aerobics class, i was very tired and exhausted. My husband Richard saw me and started laughting at me, he didn't belive that i was really tired, and he told me that he could do aerobics for an hour without being exhausted after it.
So we decided to bet, that if Richard does aerobics without any problem, i will cook a dinner for the entire famely, but if he can't do that, he will cook a dinner.
Well, the next evening Richard went to the aerobics class, i was sure that he couldn't do it, because it's really hard. But when he came home, he wasn't tired or exhausted at all, i was really shocked, he was an exellent mood. So, i was wondered, but agreed to cook a dinner for the entire family.
The next day when i thought about dinner, Richard came to me and told me that really he wasn't doing aerobics, instead of it he was photographed the aerobics class. So, we decided to go to aerobics class together, and to bet again.
When the aerobics class ended, Richard was absolutely exhausted, it seemed that i won the bet, but then the instructer came to us and said that Richard was very good at class, and he could do all this exercises for an hour, although he did it for the first time. So, we decided that neither he nor me have won, and that we would cook a dinner for the entire famely together.

понедельник, 20 апреля 2009 г.

For nowadays that is a very important problem, that many managers and other workers work too much, they spend a lot of time near computers, and they sit a lot. That became a serious problem of our society. Workers are working too much, and they have absolutely no time, and of course they haven't got any time to do sport, even if it's very important for their health. The result of such like lifestyle are lots of ilnesses that people have: heart deseases, problems with sight, overweight and so on.
I think that businesses should provide sports and different leisure facilities for their staffs, because, that's first of all is important for businessmen themselves, they are interested in their workers's health. Because if they would ill very often and have different deseases they wouldn't work as good as it need.And businessmen should pay their worker's treatment and that is very expensive.So i think that businessmen should make some sports activitives for their staffs,for instance to biult their own gym, or swimming pool center, special for their workers.
But that's not only for their health, such like sport and leisure facilities are connect the workers, connect their relations, it helps people to communicate with each other not only on the work, but out of it. Also it helps people to forget of all the stress and frastrations of the workplace.That's really unite collective and that increase their's ability to work.
On the other hand somebody can say that it's very expensive to do such like activities, and built some gyms, or other sport centers. Of course it's exspensive, it can afford only big companies and many businessmen can't afford it at all, but they can arrange different sports competitions and the rest on the nature, or buy abonements to the gym for their staff. And all this events will be cheaper and will take to the bussinesmen profit and high ability to work from their staff.
In conclusion i want to say that it's really important nowadays for the companies to provide different sports and leisure events, because it unite their staff, make people health and make their tedious work more interesting. And they will work better on the week, because before it they had a lot of entertainments and sport activities on the weekend.

понедельник, 9 марта 2009 г.

Smart home proposal

Smart home:
Hello! I'm a professor Jane Green. And i want to tell you about my new project that calls "Smart home". That will be a house where everything will be computerised. In that home all devices will be fully automatic. And people even if they are not at home could control all their household appliences by mobile phones or touch pads. For example shopping, people needn't more go shopping themselves there will be online shopping for it. How does it work? Very simple: bar codes of empty food packets are read in the bin and put on the shopping list wich is forwarded to the nearest supermarket. After few hours, a courier arrives with the food, and you need only take it, but if you are not at home, don't worry, special for such like that situatians there is a Skybox, it's a large-scale post box with special comparements for food products that need to be kept cool or frozen.
Also at that home will be really great security system that's a fingerprint system: before you entire home, you have to put your finger in a special scanner and then door will open. All devices in that home will be connect with a mobile phone and when they will finish it's work, the owner of that house will get a message on mobile phone if he/she is not at home.
And of course at that home it will be the latest digital TV system, there will be a projector on the wall, it will project an internet, TV and even newspapers.
In conclusion i want to say thatthis is really great idea and it will be a house of future. Everybody who will interest that idea and may be want to invest money in my project, please call me.
Professor Jane Green.