понедельник, 9 марта 2009 г.

Smart home proposal

Smart home:
Hello! I'm a professor Jane Green. And i want to tell you about my new project that calls "Smart home". That will be a house where everything will be computerised. In that home all devices will be fully automatic. And people even if they are not at home could control all their household appliences by mobile phones or touch pads. For example shopping, people needn't more go shopping themselves there will be online shopping for it. How does it work? Very simple: bar codes of empty food packets are read in the bin and put on the shopping list wich is forwarded to the nearest supermarket. After few hours, a courier arrives with the food, and you need only take it, but if you are not at home, don't worry, special for such like that situatians there is a Skybox, it's a large-scale post box with special comparements for food products that need to be kept cool or frozen.
Also at that home will be really great security system that's a fingerprint system: before you entire home, you have to put your finger in a special scanner and then door will open. All devices in that home will be connect with a mobile phone and when they will finish it's work, the owner of that house will get a message on mobile phone if he/she is not at home.
And of course at that home it will be the latest digital TV system, there will be a projector on the wall, it will project an internet, TV and even newspapers.
In conclusion i want to say thatthis is really great idea and it will be a house of future. Everybody who will interest that idea and may be want to invest money in my project, please call me.
Professor Jane Green.